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In English: The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)
In Polish: Organizacja Bezpieczeństwa i Współpracy w Europie OBWE
OCSE is an operational international organisation, which serves as a major forum for political dialogue and aims to secure stability in the region, based on democratic practices and good governance.
The Organisation was established in 1973 as the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (CSCE). Talks had been mooted about a European security grouping since the 1950s but the Cold War prevented any substantial progress until the talks at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki began in November 1972. These talks were held at the suggestion of the Soviet Union which wished to use the talks to maintain its control over the communist countries in Eastern Europe. Western Europe, however, saw these talks as a way to reduce the tension in the region, furthering economic co-operation and obtaining humanitarian improvements for the populations of the Communist bloc.
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Polonica stamps:

Albania 1992, 31 III
Bulgaria 1974, 29 X
Bulgaria 1979, 02 III
Bulgaria 1980, 27 III
Bulgaria 1981, 06 X
Bulgaria 1982, 31 VIII
Bulgaria 1982, 31 VIII
Bulgaria 1982, 27 XII
Bulgaria 1983, 29 V
Bulgaria 1983, 21 XI
Bulgaria 1985, 02 I
Hungary 1975, 30 VII
Hungary 1977, 03 X
Hungary 1983, 10 XI
Hungary 1985, 01 VIII
Hungary 1985, 15 X
Hungary 1986, 04 XI
Hungary 1989, 10 X
Romania 1983, 28 XI
Romania 1985, 03 VI
Romania 1986, 28 X