Date1973, 27 VII
Value3, 5, 7, 13, 15, 18, 27, 36F, each 4x
Catalog no.Mi 943 , Sc 431
TopicCopernicus, Nicolas
Occasion500th birthday of Copernicus
Description3F: signs of the Zodiac - 5F: Greek and Roman Gods
7F: Ptolemy and Ptolemaic System - 13F Copernicus and the Solar System
15FCopernicus, Earth, Pluto and Jupiter - 18F: Copernicus, Venus, Saturn and Mars
27F: Copernicus, Uranus, Neptune and Mercury - 36F:Earth and spacecraft.
All stamps carry the text ┬┤Nicolas Copernic (1473-1543)'.
Only the 4 stamps with his portrait are shown, together with the neighbouring stamps.
This issue doesn't have postal value and has been printed especially for collectors.