Date1938, 22 XII
Catalog no.Znaczek obowiązkowy/Obligatory stamp nr Mi 2, Y&T 2
TopicCurie, Marie
OccasionInternational action against cancer
DescriptionInscription: UNION INTERNATIONALE CONTRE LE CANCER. The country name is written as AFGHANESTAN instead of AFGHANISTAN. Obligatory stamp for the fight against cancer. Also to remember the discovery of the element radium, 40 years before, by Pièrre and Marie Curie. The stamp shows the faces of the couple during their research.
Nearly identical stamps were issued by Afghanistan, Cameroun, Cuba, Dahomey, France, French Equatorial Africa*, French Guiana*, French Indies*, French Polynesia, French Somaliland*, Guadeloupe*, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Indochina*, Madagascar, Mauritania, Martinique*, New Caledonia, Niger, Réunion*, Senegal, St. Pierre et Miquelon, Sudan, Togo.
Country names, marked with an * can be found under French Colonies. They belong to regions that are now independent countries with a different name, whether they are from a region that has become a part of France without own stamps.